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Integrated Fiber Optic Systems, Inc (IFOSYS) designs, manufactures, and sells custom specific solutions for fiber optic based instrumentation used in research, development, and monitoring. Our customers include NASA, the Air Force, Naval Postgraduate School, and various universities. Please contact us for research, consultancy, or to purchase any of our products.

What We Do

At IFOSYS, we are committed to staying by our customers from beginning to end. We provide on-time service and exceptional research. Our professionals are skilled in the design of entire systems. Clients depend on us to manufacture the following types of instruments and assemblies:

  • Vibration Monitoring Systems for Turbomachinery
  • Tip Clearance Systems
  • Capillary Waveguide Biosensors on Nucleic Acid Detection
  • Systems & Components for Submicroscopic Particle Sizing (Based on Static & Dynamic Light Scattering)

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About Us

For three decades, Dr. Harbans Dhadwal has been a key contributor to the advancement of fiber optics technology in diverse application areas of real time health monitoring of turbomachinery, characterizing the size of small molecule suspensions in pharmaceutical formulation and for developing capillary waveguide biosensors for detection of pathogens. He founded the company in 1993 to manufacture backscatter fiber optic probes for dynamic light scattering systems, which are based on coherent illumination and detection. In the late nineties, IFOSYS developed in vivo fiber optic systems for studying molecular changes in the eye lens, associated with the ocular diseases such as, cataract and presbyopia. During this period IFOSYS developed real time vibration monitoring systems for NASA and the US Airforce. In the last two years IFOSYS partnered with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to develop the Vision Index PenDX, a diagnostic capability to identify patient specific points for administration of therapeutic agents to arrest progressing ocular diseases such as cataract and presbyopia.

(631) 403-2591

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